What do you need to train for pole dancing ?

The most important, a Pole:

Many brand propose you good poles; Xpole, Fitpole, AGM for exemple. (I will put links for theirs websites at the end of the article).

Poles are fixed by a pressure system between the ground and the ceiling, it is really simple to install it.

If you don’t have the possibility to installed à pressure pole (because of ceiling to low or false ceiling …). You can buy a podium pole, this pole is only fixed to the floor with a base.


I advise you to buy a pole with a diameter of 42 or 45 centimeters, certainly not more than 45 because it is really to big for your hand, and avoid less than 40 because after is painful.

The material of the pole

The most common material is Chromium.

  • Advantages of the Chromium : hardly burns the skin, are be able to do Drops on it without loose the half of your skin.
  • Disadvantage: When the pole Is cold you have a tendency to slide on it.

Pink, black or white poles:

  • Advantages: In general, this sort of coating adheres better than the chrome to the skin. So, maybe is more simple to start Pole dancing with it.
  • Disadvantages: but be careful, burn more the skin so we avoid drops on this sort of coating.

Some brands propose different coatings, hypoallergenic or in brass (personally, I run away about this type of pole because I slide a lot on it but it depend your skin).

Last big category, silicon coating, that poles permit to Pole dance with clothes. But they are little used in reality because they don’t permit a lot of tricks, figures. Be careful, we do not pole dance bare skin !

The clothes

To start Pole dancing, a sport bra and a shorty do the trick. What matters is, have the intern part of your legs, the back of your knees and the waist without clothes to be able to grip the pole with your skin. Of course, it exists a lot of beautiful brands that propose amazing sets. (Links at the end of the article)

For the Warm-up

You need a mattress, and why not a legging and a T-Shirt, time to warm up enough.

For the practice of the pole dancing

You can buy hands grips help or body grips help, many brand exist. Be careful, some products are just for the body like Resin products: Itac, Rosin Liquid etc.
Here we goooo !! You are ready to start Pole dancing!
All the beginner courses are free on our platform!! Gooooo

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