Concept The Pole Lab

Welcome on this web platform 100% Online dedicated to learning and deepening the pole dancing experience, from beginner to pro level. Marie and Lucie join together with one main goal: sharing their knowledge and providing all their expertise gained over many years of practice and teaching.

The video content offereds by the Pole Lab is meant to be exhaustive and is enhanced regularly in order to satisfy pole dancers of all levels.

Beginner & Intermediate

You want to start pole dancing from zero or deepen the technique seen during classes? You will find all the figures from your level in several detailed tutorials. You may also enhance your practice thanks to different combos that we offer. Training plans are available to help and allow you to improve your skills while staying safe.

Advanced & Pro

Push your boundaries and discover a wide range of videos dedicates to extremes figures you could have ever dreamt of. Get out of your comfort zone thanks to our extreme flexibility or strength figures tutorials, without forgetting to improve your skills on static and handstand technique. Avoid injuries with our stretching & conditioning videos.


You will find a complete figures dictionary with all the pedagogical content as well as a wide range of combos which allow you to renew without efforts. Lucie and Marie place absolutely all their knowledge and skills at your disposal. Their expertise added to yours is certainly a success !

You will be coached as if you were in pole studio!

Marie and Lucie wish to place at your disposal a strong and efficient tool. The videos have been filmed with simplicity as if you participated in classes. Same pedagogy, words and rigor. You will also have an explanation of all technical steps and potential difficulties.

To date, more than 250 videos, regularly updated with new fresh content.

Go further without injuries with:

  • Warm up
  • Stretching & conditioning
  • complete class
    Specials series, such as: “Static basics”
  • A blog about different pole subjects

Aftercare & deepening’s

In order to make the learning easy and to avoid lack of ideas, some videos suggestions are available. Above each tutorial, you will find other suggestion about new entries, new tricks at the same level of difficulty or some combos. This will enable you to get every tips you need to learn pole dancing freely.

Discover our special series and unlock your skills !

Keeping the objective to make your practice easy in mind, Lucie and Marie have created an exclusive tool: Special series! These are the playlists dedicated to specific techniques or tricks. It will enable you to enhance even more the technique and boost your achievements. You will find, for example, “Basics of static” or “All about the Dragon tail”.

Training plans

For the beginner and intermediate 1, it is often hard to find your way among all the tutorials. That is why Marie and Lucie first thought about making your practice easy with their training plans. A learning chronology is provided to help you and allow you to get strong bases. How to prepare my training ? Which tricks do I need to choose ? How much training is needed ? So many questions on which your coaches will support you! Lucie and Marie have each their main strength, their own way of teaching, but they have the same passion: sharing their knowledge in order to allow their students to excel by having so much fun while practicing.

Come join The Pole Lab! Become a pole ninja !