The teachers Marie Moulin & Lucie Béret

Marie Moulin and Lucie Beret are the instructors and coaches of The pole lab. They will teach you everything you need to progress. Whether you are looking to learn on your own or as a complement to your studio lessons. Recognized pole dancers and experienced instructors, they will accompny you to help you to progress.

Marie Moulin

Champion of France 2021, 2018 and 3rd at the Pole Art World 2019, Marie began her career as a ballet dancer at the Marseille Opera School. She discovered Pole Dance in 2015 and progressed very quickly. It is a real passion! She started international competitions very quickly, after only one and a half years. At the same time, she was trained to teach by Lucie Beret, her teacher.

She continued with competitions, only getting podiums, to finally be named Champion of France in October 2018 and getting 3rd place at the Pole Art World 2019. Marie travels across Europe to give numerous workshops and therefore has a great teaching experience.

Come and learn Pole Dance with joy and gentleness alongside Marie.

Lucie Béret

Champion of France 2022, Lucie discovered Pole Dance in 2009 in Marseille at Pole Dance Marseille. She fell in love with this aerial and acrobatic sport, although she comes from the horse riding world. She practiced Pole Dance as a hobby during all her graduate studies, especially in Paris and Lille, and it was in 2014 that she began teaching in Marseille. Lucie has always loved teaching, seeing her students progress, whatever their goals. In 2016, she opened her own Pole Dance school: Tonic Aerial Center in Aix en Provence. Her studio quickly became recognized in the pole dance world and today it welcomes many enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, throughout the year.

At the same time, Lucie discovered the love of the stage and a whole artistic universe thanks to competitions.

Her credos: « Love before performance », « Be limitless and full of dreams ».

The teachers of The pole lab will remain available for any questions thanks to a facebook group which allows students and teachers to communicate together, to help and to get to know each other.