How to train : Intermediate’s guide

Intermediate level 1


Before you start learning intermediate 1 tricks, make sure you perfectly master all of the beginner level tricks. These tricks are mastered when you can perform them on both sides, with the right arm as well as the left arm, and all over the place! To gain strength you can also practice working them from the top, that is to say from a push up.

Watch beginner’s videos

You should be able to start performing sequences of several figures.
At intermediate level 1, you will see a majority of basic inversion figures, that is to say upside down.

The main objective : the Open V

The Open V is the pivotal movement which marks the end of beginner level and the beginning of intermediate level 1. It is a trick that is not easy to achieve. It requires a lot of strength and good musculature. Most of the reverse tricks at this level will be done using the Open V.

It is important to work on it regularly, throughout your reviews of beginner level and with each workout. The conditioning that is included in your post-warm-up sessions actively contributes to the acquisition of the Open V.

Be patient! Don’t be discouraged if it takes a little while. Indeed, it takes time for the muscles to develop and for your body to acquire the necessary technique. Do not hesitate to focus on strengthening exercises on the pole to help you: your arms, back muscles and abs will thank you!

Building your session

It is best to prepare your own training plan to have an effective session. At the start of Intermediate 1 level we advise you to mix beginner tricks and one or two intermediate tricks, with the aim of ensuring optimal and safe progression.

Take a look at our article: Prepare your training & progress

As a reminder, a session includes:

  • A warm-up with muscle strengthening and stretching
  • Conditioning to pole (conditioning button 1)
  • Reviewing of previous level and one or two new features
  • A cool down

Below you will find some examples of sessions as well as the intermediate tricks classified by level of difficulty.

You would have understood it, it takes several sessions to really master a movement and there are many different ways to combine them. These sessions are given as an indication; it is entirely possible to need more or less time.

List of Intermediate 1 tricks